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This is not official autobild magazine web. This web is serving about automotive news and not from official from autobild magazine, this web also not associate with autobild magazine.

Hi, my name is Ahmad. This is my new web, I started active blogging since 2012 after I bought my first laptop from saving the results after all this time, I have few blogs and especially themed on computers and the term.

I really like the computer since I was kid, but the economic situation of my family can not afford to buy a computer and since then I started dreaming of a computer and the internet.

after I bought a second hand laptop I began active writing a blog in addition to my other job is as a construction worker. through the internet I started to learn English and as you can see my english is so bad but I will try forward my english tobe better.

I live in a small town called Banda Aceh, a province in the western part of the Republic of Indonesia. I get internet access to learn the computer world through cyber cafe that every night I go just for online, browsing and searching of computer science, technology, automotive and art. I really love the world of engine, especially the racing and modification of motorcycle.

I mean to make this blog is to share about new engine release, modification, classic bike and their peripherals as well as some tips that might be useful for you. thus a glimpse of my profile and I hope if you want to share your experiences or knowledge to me via email so that I can write it in my blog.

Point of my blog
http://www.autobild.ga/ is a blog that share about automotive. My blog does not provide the file from this server, I just make the articles by my opinion from official source site provided by the site without excessive popup and especially safe from spyware.

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