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Harley Davidson CVO Street Glide 114 2017 Review

Harley Davidson CVO Street Glide 114 2017

Harley-Davidson CVO Street Glide 2017. On top of the range American throne in 2017 the official custom CVO Street Glide. exclusive tourer, it loads the novel Big Twin Milwaukee 114 below eight (1868 cm3), which we have tested in the Seattle area. Let's go! Between sea and mountain, in Canada's border northwestern US Subject to natural spaces. Welcome in the Olympic National Park, Washington State, where roads wind through forests of giant evergreens and lakes deep and clear waters. A breathtaking, the framework 100% Nature today observed over the smoked windshield Battle Wing of our local Tourer, a motorcycle perfectly in his element since the US cut for the long course is the new Harley Davidson Street Glide, which takes us ride between Tacoma nearby Seattle and Port Angeles on the Pacific.

The 2017 model of course, powered by the new Big Twin Harley-Davidson Milwaukee Eight 8-valve, but not the 107 it 1745 cm3 tried on the latest draft of the Road King Classic and the Street Glide Special. Place today the most powerful and biggest Harley-Davidson engine ever built in series, the new block 114 below Twin Cooled, sculptural V Twin exclusively located in two of the three models Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) of the range HD 2017. including the famous exclusive Street Glide to € 39,550! Which is for us today. It indulgent to the station!

Strong and sound!
And this discovery range Touring Harley-Davidson on American roads in 2017, no fewer than 24 bikes are available to reporters, comparing the 114 with new engines 107 Air or mixed cooling is required to herself. Provided in the saddle, this difference chest for the biggest engine of CVO - 1.5 daNm torque and a dozen more horses, according to the German Harley Davidson, does not really perceives the throttle opening. 

Harley Davidson CVO Street Glide 114 2017

And be it 1745 or 1868 cm3, the two blocks "Euro 4 approved" already snap to the same slow motion set at 850 rev / min. They provide an instant response to the handle. And agree to be wound on a net from 1500 rev / min. However, it is more than 2 000 revolutions they wake up and show off their enhanced performance compared with the blocks of the previous generation the Big Twin 103 and 110. With a "6" on the Richter scale of motorization, which then tumbles horde is pleasing, but as long as the bitumen is uncertain, the large torque required to apply the accelerator gently. And about the biggest boiler. For Harley point (again) anti-skid!

Big vs CVO Big Twin standard: It was better before!
On the CV0 this revving appears slightly more candid and exclusive as this model has a specific exhaust its most cavernous sound reinforces this impression. This big block also reveals slightly more aggressiveness in times. And the longer he still makes some horses with the approach of 5000 rev / min, while the 107 seems to have already said all 500 laps earlier. Phew, like his ancestors, the CVO Street Glide 2017 therefore offers more performance than its basic variation, tradition is saved! Nevertheless, it is clear that the uniqueness of this 114 facing 107 is not delusional. She is certainly much less than before, where the performance gap between the 103 and 110 twin was much shouting handlebar hands. 

Harley Davidson CVO Street Glide 114 2017

On the 114, you can obviously find the technical changes made to the "small" Milwaukee Eight, including its particularly effective balancer to limit its vibrations. Already observed in the judgment: on idling the engine shakes barely inside the frame. And in the heat of the moment, those "vibes" are much less present than before, as other mechanical noises besides, stamped out by the engine of the MoCo. If the significant loss of vibration may displease some purists, it is understood, however, that's what optimize the tranquility of the crew, as to perceive more clearly the typical vocalizations Harley engines emanating special collectors CVO.

Iron fist, velvet glove
Wealthy fans of this new official custom of the Street Glide will also benefit from a transmission with onions, in the presence of a hydraulic control and an assisted clutch. It shows a flexibility unmatched leverage in Harley, coupled with formidable precision of the box to the ascent and descent speeds. This is observed in the city, and by extension in suburban areas, where they often exchange reports, especially in the New World where queues of cars are completely banned. Pickup, truck, american car, biker same battle in traffic everyone queued in the United States.

Starting, stopping, so knitting more in this stop and go permanent. Fortunately, developments on the transmission help the task, but in these situations unsuitable for these imposing Touring is perceived very quickly that despite the efforts of engineers, this large Milwaukee Eight heats as always. Right side in particular, where the pipes of the exhaust remain too close to the knuckle of the pilot who cooked like a T-Bone steak on the grill, despite a passage pots substantially revisited.

Harley Davidson CVO Street Glide 114 2017

More spring!
As the models in the conventional touring HD 2017, the suspensions of the CVO Street Glide also evolved this year. At the front, the new fork springs do not transform the CVO track machine (there is still some work!), However it has to recognize the proper maintenance of this motorcycle almost 400 kilos on hard braking . The lift fork also seems more progressive than before, such as the accuracy of the front.

Behind the new combined shock absorbers, whose left part is equipped with a manual adjustment dial, does not revolutionize the holding route of this machine, already good. However, besides the practical advantage to easily evolve its preload adjuster which also offers more possibilities than before by depositing the left of suitcase, reactions on small shocks are more encouraging. Beautiful evolution, of course, but given the premium segment of the requirements in connection with which the American reference, we would have appreciated a power adjustable handlebar! However, they console themselves with comfort no criticism thanks to the good hydraulic system, providing excellent absorbency to CVO model built for enquiller kilometer. A long road still under protection, in the presence of a large bow and hoods placed in front of the steps, the parts that receive the two side fans of Twin Cooled liquid cooling system.

Harley Davidson CVO Street Glide 114 2017

Bad boy & luxury
Tabernacle! While crossing the Canadian border, our Quebecois cousins are heard through the powerful speakers of the CVO Boom System Audio - 2 in the "Battle Wing" and other 2 front panniers. A high-end equipment, like the host of exclusive accessories shipped by the US cavalryman ceremonial. Lighthouse to handles, wheels, special paint finish of the engine, the dashboard, the tank, fork in every stop, contemplating the model glad for its quality workmanship. Custom home meant embark what is best for the side of Milwaukee, the Street Glide beautiful is undeniably great effect.

Especially with its look and its specific saddle even lower than the Street Glide Special in 690 mm high against 715, the CVO Street offers an overall look even more bad boy but luxury however.

More than ever, an image model
Displayed at € 39 550, few will indeed purchasers of this sublime achievement. At the same time, it is obviously intended by Harley-Davidson, for customers seeking exclusivity. Knowing that the Street Glide Special is trading from € 26,910, also accessorised needing CVO declination, the gain in performance offered by its specific engine does not justify such a price difference.

But when passion overrides reason and that the tariff issue becomes secondary, if granted the services of this model collector, like the CVO Limited from € 41,750! This is becomes irresistible. Whether for cruiser for days or contemplate this beautiful legendary mechanical object, we will never get tired!

Harley Davidson CVO Street Glide 114 2017

  • Finishing
  • Equipment
  • Performance / approval
  • Comfort and protection

  • Limited gap (114 vs 107)
  • Price
  • Weight

Harley-Davidson CVO Street Glide 2017 Price at: € 39,550 (at 12.09.2016) Availability: NC Colour: Vivid Black (black / orange) Warranty: Two years parts and labor, unlimited mileage.

Original written by Mehdi Bermani-Tezkratt. Photos Tom Riles and Stefano Gadda equipment focused on this test: Helmet Arai Freeway jacket Icon 1000 Hood, jeans Rev'it Austin, sneakers Dainese motorcycle Street Rocker D-WP, gloves Rev'it Abbey Road for

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SWM Gran Milano 440 Review

SWM Gran Milano 440 Review
SWM Gran Milano 440. A newcomer on the scene Café Racer, the Gran Milano 440 marks the return of SWM. Middleweight with elegant vintage look, his test subject are surprises in dynamics. See why! In the early 70's and 80's in the Milan area, SWM produced offroad motorcycle, enduro and trials in particular recognized for the qualities of their chassis suitable for single cylinder 2 stroke Sachs or Rotax engine references of 'time. Faced with tenors Fantic, and other Bultaco Montesa, SWM was subjected to tough competition. However, the brand claims a few titles on the international competitions, including a beautiful world crown on trial in 1981, awarded to Gilles Burgat aboard his 320 TL. 

Following the financial difficulties, the SWM Production stopped in 1984. the fate of the brand was sealed, at least until the end of 2014 where the Eicma seating six new models were unveiled SWM! A resurrection, made ​​possible by the investment of Chinese Shineray group, which supplies the engines of the new SWM, always assembled in Italy. In 2016, Chinese Drum equip three enduro models of (RS 650, 500 and 300 R), its supermotards (SM 650 and 500), and these unpublished neo-retro road models that are the scrambler Silver Vase (soon to the test on the station!) and the racer Gran Milano coffee 440. New representative of the past greatness of the manufacturer of Milan, it is precisely the latter that we offer today in the trial. With his name already sounding like a big arabica and also look moose its color, the test looks very tasty. Corsica ? Not really.

SWM Gran Milano 440 Review

A charismatic and welcoming cafe Racer
For the SWM 440 Gran Milano is above all an easy bike devoted daily, which already offers a warm welcome to its driver. Equipped with handlebars bracelets, it imposes a typical racy riding position like that, torso tilted to the front. However, as its controls are installed above the upper bracket, already high, they do not induce a painful support the wrists. Pardoned! As for the saddle, it is accessible (perched 809 mm from the ground) and available footrest provides some comfort to the legs bent, but not too much! Finally, knees naturally coil up against the sides of the large tank (22.5 liters anyway!). Unfortunately, his hard edges at its base are not more pleasing to the crotch, unless sufficient power is back on the car seat, complicated thing here for your servant 183 cm blocked by the seat cover.

On the board of the SWM, the view of the instrumentation stripped funds on white analog meters (embellished with a small LCD block for partial and odometer) is perfect. Setting in motion of the cylinder housings SWM adopting the look of old machines, the sound that escapes the two outputs "old" is conspicuous by its singularity, distilling a "pom-pom" the serious tones of the friendliest but never intrusive! Flexible clutch control, passing the first report a manly nothing on our test machine at very low mileage, the first laps aboard the Gran Milan are now open to us!

SWM Gran Milano 440 Review

"Gli Artigiani Della Qualità"
And Paris, where we just edit the Café Racer middleweight at Paradise Motorcycle, dynamic discovery is a joy. It must be said that the Gran Milano reveals slight (168.6 kg with full, according to the Moto-Station balance), short, and he has a very good turning radius. With its natural orders, taking his hands is instantaneous, is reassuring its driver, even novice, happy also to benefit from the good biting conferred by radial caliper assembly 4 pistons / master cylinder Brembo signed and the large disk 320 mm. This does not laugh!

In addition, the absorption capacity of the fully adjustable suspension is not very open to criticism on the streets of Paris. The rear shock absorbers with separate tank react indeed very progressive and inverted fork is characterized by its flexibility in the first half of the race. The beautiful signed Fastace gear (rather specializes in off-road models, the ATV Pit Bike) that initially contrasts with the tire up Golden Tyre (GT road model 260). Admittedly, the exotic brand is recognized on the international off-road scene, but few "on-road" are bikers to have experienced. However, in the dry town and now on the small roads in corners of the Paris region, these radial tires retro look has not betrayed us.

SWM Gran Milano 440 Review

Playful but limited
Rather flexible carcass, these envelopes part in the general comfort of the Gran Milano. Of course, their grip is less convincing than the Sport GT-market benchmarks, but like a modern custom tire, grip is still good on the corner. However, these tires give heaviness before the train, which penalizes the Gran Milano in chains. To tack, it is indeed "take him" to the body, but once seated in its trajectory, handling and heading hold hardly lend themselves to criticism. Bene!

This well-bred chassis gives inevitably want to have fun riding the Gran Milano. And its playground of the secondary network, its small cylinder is not stingy with approval. Comparable to Mash Five Hundred and Scrambler and also produced by Shineray, this block inspired by that of the late Honda XR 400 gives its sap from 3000 towers with a straight answer to the handle. Not really enough to undermine motor skills, rest assured, the lower performance of the Gran Milano (34 horsepower at 7000 rev / min and torque 3.6 daNm at 5500 rev / min) in the preserve indeed. However, between 3500 and 5500 revolutions, quite responsive found to secure the times when doubling as foster raises curves outputs. All in a sound atmosphere of the friendliest, much to the acceleration in deceleration. His pots sing!

SWM Gran Milano 440 Review

Good vibrations?
But that vibration! Past the shelling of mono below 3 000 r / min, the usual beach reveals a progressive increase in diet, accompanied (exponentially) vibration present on all points of contact / motorbike driver, except at the base, filter well. Fortunately, the staging of the box 5 reports promotes the exploitation of torque on the lower speeds where the vibrations are reduced. Also, the extension of this little engine is a priori to put aside, at least on our test model just out of cash in cruel lack of running. Past the 6000 rev / min, is struggling to reach the switch located at 9000 rev / min. As for the Gran Milano top speed, it could not be fixed at 142 km / h GPS (against a 150 meter), on the last report in 7250 towers. Unable to go beyond!

Anyway, the Café Racer SWM was not born for touring. For besides the dynamic rides on small departmental, niche him rather urban parade where he excelled for its originality. Nicely equipped (mudguard and steel casings, padded saddle, beautiful matte brown paint and golden typo, pretty black treatment of the chassis, suspensions as the control station, rims radiated titanium look), except for some unsightly son who dangling and barely a lambda probe too apparent in the pot, the overall achievement is encouraging. What shine in society!

Better than Mash but more expensive!
Café racer midsize Italian, Gran Milano is pretty good for a first born SWM signed road bike. Certainly, the manufacturer will have to work on his motor to drive the excess vibration as tweaking some finishing details, but it is clear that this new representation of the neo-retro movement does not lack arguments.

SWM Gran Milano 440 Review
This image by;
His competitive Mash can not compete with it in terms of fabrication and equipment. However, the rates side vintage motorcycles from the Sima still retain a great advantage. For SWM today shows the Gran Milano 440 to € 5,960 (€ 5,690 count for scrambler SWM Silver Vase 440), a price still certainly very accessible (to 09/20/16), but face Mash Five Hundred (€ 3,990) and Scrambler 400 (€ 4,990) - without mentioning the promotions currently offered on the Japanese roadster 600 cm3 - confer some bitterness in this new model roasted.

  • successful look
  • manufacturing quality
  • braking
  • accessibility and hands engaged

  • vibrations
  • cutout on side stand
  • Service and network test

Price: € 5,960 (at 09/01/16) Color: Brown, gray Warranty: 2 years parts and labor - Approvals: Euro3

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Ducati XDiavel: Ducatminator - Prices, Reviews & Specs

Ducati XDiavel: Ducatminator

Ducati XDiavel. After trying mad KTM 1290 Super Duke GT 173 hp to 205 kg, we thought the Ducati XDiavel 156 hp to 220 kg would be less traumatic. Yet the Italian now holds an important place in our memory tester. Although with its fabulous look, this new devil of catches the eye immediately . The very bare style leaves conspicuously show the L-twin but all wiring goshawks handlebar. The interface is pretty far fetched with a tiny display of information or a headlight call trigger too long we inadvertently engages with the gloves. But the stalks lit in red, optical Led the digital color screen and hands-free boot a touch of modernism welcome. The fine also incorporates a traction control, ABS and a response from the accelerator configurable in three modes.

Ducati XDiavel: Ducatminator

Although it shares the same name as the Diavel launched in 2011, this version X is a separate model. Its size is even more impressive with a length of 2.31 ​​m (2.24 m against for the Diavel) and a larger wheelbase (1615 mm against 1580 mm). This XDiavel also shows a larger displacement (1262 cm3 against 1198 cm3) and has a transmission belt instead of a chain. The driving position with feet forward, arms outstretched and buttocks close to the ground is typical of customs "Low rider" to the US. The Italian, however, offers several footrest positions and saddles and handlebars accessories to adapt to different gauges. If the rear seat is very spartan, it includes all the same a small backsplash (optional) very useful to avoid the bold finish passenger astride the huge tires (240/45 ZR 17) to the first acceleration. One precaution the more necessary that the XDiavel features a function 'Launch Control' to carry guns acceleration in the manner of drag racing.

Ducati XDiavel: Ducatminator

Let's face it, we did not dare test this function on the open road. The acceleration in Sport mode already provides the thrill . Despite its length, the XDiavel lifts the front wheel first and appears to plow the bitumen on the higher gears . Explosive between 4000 and 9000 rev / min, twin delivers additionally a thrilling sound while meeting the latest Euro4 standards. Box hard enough speed emitting "clongs" evokes that of a Harley Street Glide. Neutral is easier to find than the US but in sporty driving, it is not uncommon to "miss" certain reports. In town, the engine heats up quickly between the legs, wide handlebars does not help lift queues, and suspensions are showing great firmness at low speeds. They are fortunately fully adjustable front and rear. If not a model of comfort, XDiavel proves quite handy thanks to its low weight (247 kg fully fueled). If the big bang twin fort under 2500 r / min, it nevertheless agrees to move to 3000 rev / min on a light throttle. On winding roads, the long XDiavel lack of agility. The rear wheel seems to have a time delay on the front but the Italian still easier to register a Yamaha V-MAX 1700 cm3 and demonstrated remarkable stability around-the state of the coating.

Ducati XDiavel: Ducatminator

The highly effective traction and braking ultra mordant ensure a high level of active safety. The ground clearance allows to take the angle in tight corners and to survey small sidewalks without sweating. Despite its outstanding performance, the XDiavel is not too greedy. If she can swallow more than 8.0 l / 100 km in sporty driving, it claimed that 6.2 l / 100 km and 7.0 l / 100 km during two full performed during our testing. The price of € 20,390 is certainly high but reasonable compared to Harley Davidson CVO less well equipped. The XDiavel is also available in S-version with some extra decorations, a modified exhaust and increased brake calipers. But the additional cost of € 3,000 seems excessive.

Ducati XDiavel: Ducatminator

The XDiavel combines the sensations of a large custom with the performance and braking a sport. A machine delightfully unconventional.

We like : 
- Tone and mechanical character 
- Exceptional stability and braking 
- Reasonable consumption

We like least : 
- Special Driving position 
- Rear shock very firm 
- Overall dimensions and width of the handlebars

Ducati XDiavel: Ducatminator

Technical & Prices:
Engine: V-twin, liquid cooled 
Displacement: 1262 cm3 
Power: 156 hp at 9500 rev / min 
Torque: 128.4 Nm at 5000 r / min 
Net weight: 220 kg 
Seat height: 755 mm 
tank capacity: 18 liters 
Price: € 20,390

Image by;

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BMW G310R - the wish to conquest of the east


The BMW G310R to conquer emerging markets by marketing BMW G310R, average entry-level engine. This cylinder also comes to Europe in order to attract brand new practitioners in search of an "A2" motorcycle. Here try this 2017 BMW novelty. To enlarge its customer spectrum in Europe and in emerging countries, it was necessary to BMW motorcycle of less than 500 cm3 to less than € 5,000. The Bavarian manufacturer is a serious home it was not a question of rebadger "Chinese" model. The G310R was designed in Germany but its manufacture is entrusted to an Indian partner, TVS. With this entry-maker, BMW has to fetch the customer right out of the moto school and retain at the earliest.


BMW G310R is a pretty roadster in its livery three colors so BMW Motorsport. The lines are aggressive and compact motorcycle. An inverted fork and radial fixing brake caliper give him a "big bike" side. In detail, it is nevertheless an economic vehicle: a thick epoxy paint covers parts of cast aluminum, the rear shock is the most basic, the levers are not adjustable and the plastic body is not even decorated with stickers varnish. However the Michelin Pilot street radial tires are a plus.


Once in the saddle, handlebars hand falls naturally and distance between seat and footrest is studied for a relaxing driving. Contact the innovative single cylinder starts with a very discreet breath and idle speed stabilizes within seconds. First report, engaged and the engine stalls. Unbalanced, effortless one retains the 159 kg of the motorcycle. The New practitioners will appreciate. But no way to start on a light throttle.

Mono is not very flexible in town (do not stay below 3 000 r / min). But as soon as the horizon clears, the block is best expressed, with a beautiful beach between 3 and 6 000 r / min, and a frank pushed to 10,000 rev / min red zone. What overtaking on highway without much trepidation. Now against a Yamaha MT-03 very "of JEUNS" and a KTM 390 series too "racing" to use, G310R is a credible alternative. Its versatility and handling will appeal to customers without much experience, male as female. The price for the offer is therefore more reasonable, especially with the BMW offers LOA (hire-purchase) at 80 € per month without any contribution.


BMW G310R (manufacturer data) Engine type: single cylinder water cooled, 4T, 2 ACT, 4 valves per cylinder Displacement (al x cse.): 313 cm3 (80 x 62 mm) Maximum power: 34 hp at 9500 rev / min max torque 28 Nm at 7500 r / min Alim./dépollution: injection / Euro 4 Transmission Transmission 6-speed final transmission chain Chassis Front brake (caliper x pist.): 1 disc, Ø 300 mm ( 4 opp) ABS. Brake Ar (x caliper pist.): 1 disc, Ø 240 mm (1) ABS tank (reserve): 11 liters (nc) Weight announced: 158.5 kg seat height: 785 mm Practical Colours black, blue, tricolor Price: € 4,950. Photo by;

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Harley Davidson V-Rod, It's Over

Harley Davidson V-Rod, It's Over
Harley Davidson V-Rod. After 15 years, a page turns for Harley-Davidson V-Rod, whose fate model in the range and is more than ever a "Collector". In 2001, the V-Rod opened another route by opening the first liquid cooled engine to the Harley-Davidson brand. A novelty that permeis him to set foot in the Power Cruisers segment. For enthusiasts, this model remains revolutionary. As such, the brand sells 60 latest models of V Rod to the end of September. The countdown has begun, for those who wish to hold the object.

Originality, performance and difference: the V-Rod signed a matchless look. A new machine signing a radical change of style in Harley-Davidson history. The rear tire is 240mm thick. The line is sculptural, carved from aluminum and chrome. The V-Rod has undoubtedly pushed the habits of purists of the brand and at the same time marked the arrival of new clients. Mi-mi-custom dragster, the Harley-Davidson V-Rod opened the way for a new motorcycle segment called Power Cruiser.

Its engine, always a V-twin, but at 60, is for the first time at the manufacturer of Milwaukee, liquid cooled. With an initial capacity of 1130 cc, this engine called revolution and designed in partnership with Porsche, reached later 1250 cm3.

The characteristic position that requires the driver to drive foot forward, such as driving become longer sports. In Europe, nearly 5,000 models were sold since the appearance of the model in 2001. It remains now more than sixty in the Harley-Davidson official network for all fans wishing to mark their difference and have this model that has marked the history of the brand. Two versions are available: the Night Rod or Muscle. Is one last opportunity to be the proud owner.

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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon 2017: The family?

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon 2017: The family?
Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon. There are not so long, the queen of the families was the family, or the station wagon for friends! The oldest will remember those elongated vehicles, not very stylish but awfully practical since they allow them to accommodate more passengers and more importantly, the excess baggage associated with many children. You remember probably some models that offered two small seats housed in the rear floor and allowed to sit face to face or back, knees practically in the front.

Then, the family has given way to the van, the new trendy vehicle that prevailed for decades in the suburbs. The latter will have the same fate as the family, buyers increasingly abandoning the benefit of a new type of vehicle most fashionable, SUVs because they are labeled less pejorative and have some additional benefits.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon 2017

Mercedes-Benz still believes in the family
However, the family is not dead, some manufacturers still continue to believe. This is the case of Mercedes-Benz which sells its E-Class in the form of family, which will be offered beginning in 2017 under a new generation. E Wagon joins the newly redesigned sedan.

Side engine, the choices are more limited than in the case of the sedan. No basic version E 300 equipped with four cylinder turbocharged engine, positioning the wagon a little higher in the scale. We say that fans of the genre prefer more upscale versions and are also wealthier.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon 2017

This is why the E 400 Wagon serves as an entry model with its twin-turbo V6 engine of 3.0 liter 329 horsepower and 354 lb-ft. The engine is mated to an automatic transmission nine reports, the only proposed. In order not to be imposed upon by the SUV, it was equipped with standard all-wheel drive 4MATIC, a very logical decision, since otherwise would have penalized.

A family turns heads?
To be sure to turn heads the way of your car, you can opt for the AMG delivered whose arrival was confirmed to us, but not the mechanics. We know that this will not be the AMG E 43, it is not a true thoroughbred, or the AMG 65, although it is particularly eager to have one with a V12 family. This will be the Mercedes-AMG E 63 should be proposed, which should have a twin-turbo V8 4.0-liter engine developing no less than 469 horsepower. This figure would rise to an astronomical 503 horsepower if we were to offer the 'S' variant. Admit that the children will be delighted to hear the rich sound with such a system, offsetting the more classic and less sports car when you drive them to school.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon 2017

Stylistically, the E 400 Wagon covers all elements of the sedan, with course slightly increased dimensions, 10 mm in length and 7 mm in height. The most important gain is in terms of cargo volume with 100 liters of extra space compared to the sedan. It rises to 1820 liters if you lower all seats. That here the real benefit of such a car, its great versatility.

This is its charm for some, it is just a long low roof line stretching to the back, which changes entirely its proportions. We still breathed a lot of dynamism to the model, partly because of a choice of wheels. AMG mounted on 19-inch wheels, the car is just beautiful.

Identical to the sedan
Onboard, little distinction from the sedan. It is only when we look in the rearview mirror that the difference is perceived. Like the four-door sedan, it drew heavily from the new S-Class in the design of the cabin, if only because of the four air vents housed in the center of the dashboard. Above all, the COMMAND system that joins the digital instrument cluster gives the impression that the entire dashboard is a wide screen.

Of course, the possibilities are numerous. No complaints about the choice of materials and attention to detail. Mercedes knows how to do and that is one of its greatest strengths. The feeling of quality and wealth is everywhere thanks to the mood lighting which includes a series of strips to LED whose color can be changed using a full palette. Everything adds a majestic touch to the evening interior.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon 2017

More comfortable than sporty
on the road, the extra 100 kilos is little notice of the family compared to the sedan. Even if it is not available here, the four-cylinder did well in the 300 I tried in Germany, but it has much to do to bring justice to the vehicle. It is estimated that customer would opt anyway for engine six-cylinder E 400, that have a little more pep and flexibility. The automatic transmission is a marvel nine reports, extirpating fine horses available without hesitation.

The real benefit of such a car versus an SUV is its reduced height that provides a sense of driving dynamic. Its lowest center of gravity gives the vehicle more upright and a better sense of control. For many, it has the advantages of SUVs, without the disadvantages. Although it is equipped with all-wheel drive, some will say that his charge as the lowest floor penalizes off the beaten track compared to SUVs but actually will play in the mud with his SUV? Less than 1% of the population.

What we enjoyed the family Mercedes-Benz E-Class 2017, is its comfort on the road. She has not the strength of the C-Class, but it's probably not what you want if you shop for this model. On the road, she swallows the kilometers thanks to its pneumatic suspension which inhibits all faults bitumen and strengthens if you want to promote sportsmanship. Whether you take place at the front or rear, the seats are ultra-comfortable and all passengers enjoy ample space. This is where the increased dimensions (wheelbase and length) of the car are the most profitable.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon 2017

Of course, the car is full of all the latest technologies offered by the manufacturer, including an intelligent control system automatically keeping the car at the track center by controlling the direction, even in curves. The prices have not been disclosed, but we know that the E 400 sedan is sold at $ 69,400 and it will pay a premium for the Wagon. Fashion is in the SUV, but family always know how to take their game. Too bad that few fans appreciate, but in their defense, it must be noted that there are few affordable models. Photos by; Sylvain Raymond

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Nissan Sentra SR Turbo 2017 finally gets the turbocharged Juke

Nissan Sentra SR Turbo 2017

Nissan Sentra SR Turbo 2017. Most automotive journalists decried there many years that the turbocharged 1.6-liter Juke was essentially wasted on a single product. It is not at all an arrow at the location of the Juke, but simply that the small supercharged engine deserved a place in other models at Nissan.

Nissan Sentra SR Turbo 2017

Several manufacturers have developed turbocharged engines in recent years, and the last strategy of Nissan may be a more logical. The Japanese brand has actually installed the four-cylinder turbo, developing 188 horsepower and 177 lb-ft in the Sentra SR, which will now be known as the SR Turbo. The selection boxes will include a six-speed manual and automatic Xtronic CVT, the latter having been revised and adapted to the additional engine power.

Nissan Sentra SR Turbo 2017

In addition to increased power, the Nissan Sentra SR Turbo 2017 include brakes and revised suspension components. Its springs are firmer by 10% and work with specific dampers to the turbocharged version. The car also gets unique 17-inch wheels hiding large brake discs at the front and rear.

Nissan Sentra SR Turbo 2017

Reclaimed the performance of the SR Turbo is part of several changes to the Sentra 2017. To enhance comfort and refinement, the windshield and side windows are thicker, while the center console has been enlarged to increase storage spaces. The price of the Nissan Sentra 2017 have not yet been announced. By cons, it is expected that the SR Turbo Version displays a similar rate to that of the Sentra SL, or about $ 26,000.

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The MV Agusta F4Z Images

The MV Agusta F4Z Images

The first collaboration of Zagato and MV Agusta, the Italian design studio, leads to F4Z exposed early September in Chantilly. An aesthetically surprising motorcycle should talk. The MV Agusta has a habit of surprising. This is again the case with F4Z. "Z" for Zagato, the name of the famous Italian design firm that has been working to transform a standard F4.

The MV Agusta F4Z Images

This F4Z including Cycle was recently unveiled the first images you must be officially exposed as part of the third edition of  Chantilly Arts & Elegance 2016, of the first weekend of September, in Chantilly, therefore.

The MV Agusta F4Z Images

First evidence, Zagato is betting anddiscover, aesthetically at the risk of confusing the bikers? For this, he used made ​​many pieces of aluminum and carbon fiber, with wide trim panels, characteristic explains the Italian brand, "which in the automotive world [specialty Zagato, Editor's note], differentiates exceptional mass production vehicles. "

The MV Agusta F4Z Images

If some parts mounted on the F4 1000 had to be adapted and rebuilt, others were replaced with parts made ​​specifically for F4Z: Fuel tank, exhaust system, intake ports, battery Incidentally, the exhaust sytem now leads down to the right side of the bike, rather than in more conduits under the saddle as the standard F4.